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Full Moon Meditation - December

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Wednesday 12/07/2022 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
$0.00 Full Moon December

Free and open to all. Live streaming on Zoom.

We start by tuning in together, and then do a 31-minute group meditation, to leave us all feeling connected and uplifted. Meditating under the power of the full moon amplifies the power of our meditation, allowing us to connect more deeply with the voice of our soul and tap into our inner peace.

Join us for this monthly donation-based Kundalini meditation, to uplift your spirits and guide you through the coming cycle. Open to all, no meditation experience is required. Donations are accepted.

For our December full moon we will be using ; There is a Way Through Every Block meditation.

Every zodiac sign will be affected by the December full cold moon. As the last full moon of the year, rising in the dark middle of winter is quite fitting to sit and reflect on the year and look forward to the unknown future. With the help of this evening's meditation, you'll see the path forward clearly, illuminated by a ray of light shining from your heart.

Kati (Ajeet Dev Kaur) Gimes

A yoga teacher for almost 20 years, Kati has practiced, studied and taught a rainbow of yoga traditions including hatha, vinyasa, and Iyengar. Through her yoga journey, she has developed her own unique teaching style that focuses on connection to the breath and attention to alignment. She addresses the individual needs of each of her students, creating a challenging but safe environment for everyone to experience the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of yoga.

Kati has a deep commitment to the practice of Kundalini yoga, and is a Level Two Certified Teacher by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). She has also studied yoga therapy with Mukunda Stiles and completed an in-depth course on Ayurveda. In addition to private clients, she teaches at local yoga studios, corporations and government agencies including the National Institutes of Health. Kati’s goal as a yoga teacher is to channel her enthusiasm and energy to empower others to live a life with peaceful minds and hearts filled with love. She believes that through a committed practice, people can get in touch with the essence of who they really are.

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