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Harness the Central Channel

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$40.00 Harness the Central Channel

The power that resides in the central channel, or sushumna, is lauded in wisdom traditions around the world as the access point to bountiful, harmonized life force energy. The central channel is sometimes called our "body battery," and we can charge it up using yogic practices to create energetic equilibrium and a direct connection to Source. Through habitual patterning in our thoughts, emotions, and bodies, the central channel often becomes dull or stagnant, blocking the flow of energy, or prana.

Join Abby in this special workshop where we'll explore breathing practices (pranayama) and yoga poses (asana) designed to cleanse and open the wellspring of energy available within the central channel. We'll align the physical body to the unshakeable pillar of the central channel and midline. You'll leave this workshop feeling centered and balanced, and with tools that you can take into any spiritual or movement practice.

Abby Dobbs

Abby is a Santa Fe-based yoga teacher, bodyworker, and energyworker, who weaves together over a decade of experience to bring a holistic view of physical anatomy, energetics, and movement to her classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. Over the years, Abby has completed foundational and advanced yoga teacher trainings with Forrest Yoga, YogaWorks, Rocket Yoga, and Yin Yoga, as well as bodywork trainings in Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Myofascial Release.

Abby's unique approach to teaching yoga builds the student’s awareness and physical strength through a combination of mindfulness, intentional breathing, and movement. Each class is intelligently designed to help students learn about their body and what feels most aligned for their individual practice. Students are guided into the present moment, and to connect to a deep sense of inner peace and grounding. Off the mat, Abby offers spiritual mentorship, reads fantasy novels, cooks lots of vegan food, and snuggles her two cats Billy and Nugget. Learn more here:

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