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Making Peace with Anger

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$49.00 Making Peace with Anger

A basic human emotion, anger is a natural and largely automatic response to pain.  Related to basic survival, anger is the sympathetic  nervous system ’s response, designed to spur our “fight, flight, or freeze” reflex.   Anger often gets a bad rap, but it doesn't necessarily mean throwing punches. It might motivate individuals and communities to combat injustice, propelling change and designing new norms.  However, prolonged release of the  stress   hormones  that accompany anger can destroy neurons in areas of the brain associated with judgment and  short-term memory , and weaken the immune system.   Leveraging selected Kundalini kriyas we will examine our anger, observe where it sits in our bodies, and spark a journey of channeling this powerful emotion housed in our reptilian brain.

Manju Sadarangani

Manju's yoga practice is grounded in a desire for equity, justice, emotional and mental well-being. She brings her spirit of play, body positivity and radical self-love to her Kundalini & Nidra classes. 

Born in India to a yoga teacher mother, Manju is committed to authenticity in the studio. A Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, she connects deeply with the feminist, spiritual and historical foundations of yoga to counter problematic cultural appropriation. She relishes creating a safe space for all using breathe, color, naad, and mantras in her classes.

Manju invites you to consider yoga as a tool to recharge, resist and rebel.

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