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Welcome Summer: Kundalini Yoga for Elimination and Detoxification

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Monday 5/31/2021 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
$40.00 Welcome Summer: Kundalini Yoga for Elimination and Detoxification

Welcome Summer and join Nandi for a 2-hour online Kundalini Yoga & Plant Medicine workshop focused on Detox & Elimination on Memorial Day morning.

Pricing: $40 general / $25 members.

Using both yoga and an understanding of plant medicine, you'll learn tips to support your daily health maintenance and the natural detoxification process by increasing circulation.

Preparing the body mind and spirit with intention is a purposeful way to live good and feel good holistically thru summer and the seasons beyond!

We will begin this 2-hour workshop with a opening and clearing ritual, followed by some Pranayama (breathing), Journaling, Kriya (yoga practice) and Meditation.

Through this process, Nandi will guide you to let go of many of the burdens of this past year and find clarity in your intentions and summer goals. Nandi will offer you tips to KEEP UP throughout the class, and you'll leave with a new outlook on life!


Nandi Gabremedhin

Nandi Gabremedhin is a KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor, graduate of Lighthouse Yoga Center’s KRI Teacher Training Program. Nandi took her first yoga class more than 11 years ago in a Saturday program at her son’s school. With that first class she felt more positive, peaceful and happy and then found a place to take regular classes. As her practice developed, she felt there was still something missing – she wanted to learn to meditate, which led Nandi to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.

Initially she thought she’d just take classes for herself, but then knew fairly soon she wanted to become a teacher to share the benefits of which she so abundantly received. Through her own practice and teachings, Nandi found that Kundalini Yoga has been a way to dig deeper and uncover more of herself and her own power, becoming more focused and disciplined in developing her spirituality. With life and all that comes, the maintenance must continue, which is the main reason Nandi keeps her practice strong. Kundalini has allowed her to truly see more and has allowed for more uplifting connections with others a more enriching one. Nandi’s classes facilitate experiences for individuals to find their own power, overcome personal challenges, shed the old skin and grow anew by uncovering the divine energy within and illuminating peace, light and love that inspires others thru example and energy.

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