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The Practices of Hatha Yoga

Blue Mountain Retreat Center, Knoxville, MD • Dec 3 - 5 2021

A retreat with Tara Lemerise, Dec 3-5

 The Practices of Hatha Yoga Retreat
 December 3-5, 2021
 Blue Mountain Retreat Center, 1032 Hoffmaster Road, Knoxville, MD
 Are you ready for an immersive yoga get-away? Join us at Blue Mountain Retreat Center for a deep dive into the philosophy, theory, and experience of the foundational practices of yoga: asana (posture work), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation (mind work.) You are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you like. Some yoga experience is recommended but you do not have to be able to do fancy poses to attend this retreat. The main prerequisite is an interest in learning more about yoga.
 The weekend schedule includes lectures and experiential sessions. In addition, you have the time and space for hiking or leisurely walks, massage, knitting, reading, napping, and socializing with good company.
Please note, some sessions are for the LYC Hatha Yoga Teachers-in-Training only, noted on the schedule. The Saturday and Sunday morning sun salutations are taught by the teachers-in-training under the observation of Tara Lemerise. All other sessions are taught by Tara Lemerise and include:

A Good Seat and an Introduction to Pranayama & Yoga Nidra Meditation
The Sanskrit word asana literally means “seat” but has evolved to become the word we use to describe the postures of yoga practice. In this session, we discuss and explore what it means to take a good seat that will prepare you for an introduction to breathwork practices and we conclude with a deeply restful “yogic sleep” meditation practice.
 Pranayama 101 - Rowing a Boat in the Sea
Pranayama is one of the most deeply powerful but often underused and misunderstood practices of yoga. This session will help you to understand the purpose of breathwork and introduce you to four of the foundational techniques. There will be some moving and lots of time to practice breathing.
 Welcome to the Asana Clinic
What’s your favorite pose? Which poses make you cringe? Which pose do you really want to figure out? In this class we’ll help you make your least favorite poses more fun and help you get closer to understanding why there are some poses you just can’t seem to do.

Meditation 101 - Mindfulness to Mantras
Meditation comes in all forms. The key to success in meditation is choosing the right technique. This session will begin with some asana to prepare you to sit well and then introduce you to several meditation practices including their origins, benefits, and resources for your continued practice.

Room Options

Location & Accommodations
Blue Mountain Retreat Center is a homelike eco-friendly retreat center situated in a small rural community in the hills near Harpers Ferry, just 65 miles away from DC. The 27-acre property is also home to Tiny Haven.
 The 9 bedrooms in the retreat center rooms have access to the center's three bathrooms. Rooms have one to four twin-size European-style platform beds and high quality mattresses. The large shared common rooms have expansive dining tables and cozy nooks to curl up with a book or some knitting between the yoga sessions.

 $598 non-member/$548 member for private room
 $448 non-member/$408 member shared room for two
 $408 non-member/$358 member shared room for three

What's Included

 All meals are included.  Retreat center owner Beth Ehrhardt prepares delicious organic vegan meals. Cheese, yogurt, milk, and fresh eggs (from the retreat center's chickens "The Bucky Ladies") are available as well. All meals include gluten-free options.

 Friday, December 3
 3 pm-6:30 pm: Arrival & Settling In
 4-6 pm: YTT Only - Teaching the Warm Up & Sun Salutations
 6:30 pm: Dinner
 7:30-9 pm: A Good Seat and an Introduction to Pranayama & Yoga Nidra Meditation
 Saturday, December 4
 Please note: breakfast is self-serve and available at any time
 7:15 am-8 am: Sun Salutations (taught by the teachers-in-training)
 8-10 am: YTT Only Session - Teaching Debrief; The Language to Teach Movement
 10:30-12 pm: Pranayama 101 - Rowing a Boat in the Sea
 12:30 pm: lunch & free time
 2-4 pm: YTT Only Session - Pose Families and the Posture Sheets
 4:30-6 pm: Welcome to the Asana Clinic
 6:30 pm: dinner & free time
 Sunday, December 5
 Please note: breakfast is self-serve and available at any time
 7:15 am-8 am: Sun Salutations (taught by the teachers-in-training)
 8-10 am: YTT Only Session - Teaching Debrief; More Posture Sheets
 10:30-12 pm: Meditation 101 - Mindfulness to Mantras
 12:30 pm: lunch & departure
 1:30-3 pm: YTT Only Session - The Dance Between Dharma and Posture Practice

What's Not Included

Travel to and from the retreat center.   Massages provided by retreat center owner.

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