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Madea Allen

Madea is a teacher, wayshower and facilitator of full spectrum health. Through her multimodality holistic health practice, she facilitates clients and students into higher states of being through Integrative Nutrition health coaching, holistic culinary arts, aromatherapy, West African dance, meditation, Reiki, the Soul Integration™ process and Kundalini Yoga. Madea is currently a Clinical Acupuncture Intern and training to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.   In January of 2017 Madea felt inspired to explore Kundalini Yoga after hearing her friend in Rhode Island rave about its benefits. Upon doing a search for Kundalini Yoga studios in the DC Metro area, Madea had the clear knowing that she would be trained as a teacher before even taking her first class. After her first class she remembers feeling more alive, present and at home in her body. She began taking classes regularly at Lighthouse Yoga as part of her self-care routine and completed her 220-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification at Lighthouse Yoga in 2018.   Madea is an uplifting teacher who embodies grace and humility and holds sacred space for all. She believes that health is a composite of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She enjoys how Kundalini Yoga beautifully interweaves all these aspects of wellness to bring about balance. When people ask her what is Kundalini Yoga, she often says it’s true mind/body/spirit yoga since it works on all the levels of who we are as multidimensional beings.