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Marybeth Moskovitz

Marybeth attended her first Hatha Yoga class about 25 years ago and has dabbled in yoga and enjoyed its many benefits for years, mostly focusing on Ashtanga. It wasn’t until recently that she discovered the powers of Kundalini yoga.

Always looking for ways to improve and be more present, Marybeth found Kundalini to be an essential tool for becoming her best self. The spirit of Sat Nam (“being my true self” or “truth is my identity”) resonated strongly with her.

After only a few classes, she knew she wanted to dive deeper and signed up for the KRI Level I instructor training at Lighthouse. Marybeth completed the training and is excited to share the benefits of Kundalini with others.

Marybeth has a soft but joyful approach to teaching. She especially values yoga for its ability to connect us with our higher selves and help us achieve the greatness that is within each of us.