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Toni Thomas

Favorite Yoga Posture: Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Off the Mat: She loves to relax and watch episodes of classic tv – specifically Columbo!

What’s Up: She is planning for retirement, trips, drinking coffee and searching the web for latest Japanese stationery and planners. It’s all about the paper.

Toni Annette’s Trip to Yoga: After an uneventful and forgettable first class at the Y, Toni stayed with running . Her lack of stretching and running led to a painful plantar fasciitis diagnosis in 2016. It was then that she left her heels and running shoes behind and decided to visit extend Yoga in Rockville. Initially, she went for the asana and stayed around for the other seven limbs. She favors a mix of mid to quick paced flows and the quieter Yin and restorative practices.

She lives in Brightwood/16th Street Heights DC and is staff to two cats.