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40 Day Morning Sadhana: Meditation for Beaming and Creating the Future

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$0.00 40 Day Morning Sadhana

Morning Community Sadhana is back, just in time to set your intentions for the new year. Instead of waiting until January 1st to make resolutions, I find it most beneficial to create a daily habit of setting intentions before we are actually in whatever the new changing situation is. We can create what we want to manifest by taking a hold of our own intentional self programming for what it is we want to see in  2022. Join me December 6, 6:20am for 31mins of Meditation For Beaming And Creating The Future.

Donations appreciated and accepted.

This meditation seeks to support our intuition and clarity of what we desire to manifest. This meditation will help us clear our minds and bring the visions we want to apply in detailed and specific ways. We will use pranayama and visualization to create the future. 

If you are a visual person like me you can create a vision board and write your affirmations to look at daily and to keep in your meditation space. Please see the link below for complete details of the meditation. Anyone can do this meditation. New comers or first timers please get a good nights rest, stay hydrated, prepare a comfortable seat so you may make your experience as smooth as possible. Everyone please read thru the meditation as it is self initiated and little will be explained to honor our timing for sunrises classes i'd also love for you to join! 

Please see details here:

Nandi Gabremedhin

Nandi Gabremedhin is a two time graduate of Lighthouse Yoga Center’s Teacher Training Programs, first earning a 220-hour KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor certificate in 2018 with Sada Sat Kaur & Julie Eisenberg, and then a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Instructor certificate in 2021 with Tara Lemerise, Abby Dobbs, and others.

Nandi’s first yoga class was more than 12 years ago and she felt an instant shift. Nandi practiced Rocket Yoga with Ahmed Jabali for two years. With continuous practice she found it brought awareness and self confidence, and a better connection with others thru a more divine energetic space. Making a decision to become a teacher Nandi has continued advanced trainings in Kundalini Level 2 courses, White Tantric Meditations and Queen Afua’s Sacred Woman holistic health and spiritual divine healing program.

Nandi enjoys creating energetic fun classes and workshops that incorporate a holistic focus of mind, body and spirit. Nandi’s offerings feel good and are suitable for most if not all students. You may also experience a Hatha/Kundalini hybrid which may include a little flow, kriya and meditation. Nandi’s classes facilitate experiences for individuals to find their own power, overcome personal challenges, gain introspection by uncovering the divine energy within!

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