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Breaking It Down: A Sequencing Workshop for Yoga Teachers

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$54.00 Breaking It Down: A Sequencing Workshop for Yoga Teachers

Hatha Yoga Teachers: Do you struggle with sequencing your classes? Do they feel disjointed or lack cohesion?  Have you ever had to sub a class last minute, or showed up to find your class filled with students who are struggling with injuries in the exact body part you were planning on focusing on?   Join Rebecca for this fun sequencing workshop to learn how to put together classes that honor the themes, poses and intentions you want to share with your students, along with making it easier for you to sequence on the spot!

In this workshop we will explore how to group poses and warm up drills that help students understand the actions and movements in and out of poses, in a way that allows you to more easily plan your classes.  You'll learn how to design shorter sequences that move around the mat in a logical way, so that you can bring these sequences together into full classes that are easier to remember, and and can even be pulled together as you teach.

3 YA CEUs available

Rebecca Henry

Owner/Director of Hatha Programming


Rebecca’s journey with yoga and meditation began more than twenty years ago when she took precepts with the Zen Buddhist Society of Compassionate Wisdom, finding that a vigorous yoga practice was the only way to keep her chattering mind quiet on her meditation mat. As those practices expanded into helping her with the stresses of school, and, later, work and family life, she has been exploring the benefits of her practice on and off the mat ever since.

Forever a student, Rebecca brings a beginners mind and an awakened heart to her practice and teaching. Compassion, empathy, humor and joy are at the core of all of her classes. Her focus is on uniting mindful movement with breath while helping people understand of how their own unique body affects their individual practice, in both a traditional hatha as well as a more vinyasa style.

 As a mother of two teenagers, she is impassioned to support other people in their journey into parenthood through the mindfulness and body-centered practices of yoga and meditation. As birth and postpartum doula, she emphasizes childbirth education and body awareness in her pre- and postnatal classes, bringing these practical aspects together with a warm, nurturing teaching style.

Rebecca completed her 200 hour training with Tara Lemerise at Willow Street Yoga in Takoma Park, MD, pre and post natal yoga teacher training with Debra Flashenburg of the Prenatal Yoga Center of New York City and is certified with Leslie Howard in Pelvic Floor Yoga™. She has also completed training with Tara Lemerise, of Tara Lemerise Yoga, in Restorative Yoga, and has completed a 50 hr Yin Yoga certification with Machelle Lee of Roots and River Yoga

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