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Full Moon Meditation - April 2024

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$0.00 Full Moon April 2024

Free and open to all.

We start by tuning in together and then do a 31-minute group meditation to leave us all feeling connected and uplifted. Meditating under the power of the full moon amplifies the power of our meditation, allowing us to connect more deeply with the voice of our soul and tap into our inner peace.

Join us for this monthly donation-based Kundalini meditation to uplift your spirits and guide you through the coming cycle. Open to all; no meditation experience is required. Donations are accepted.

Meditation for April will be on the Gunpati Kriya Meditation. Gunpati is another name for Ganesha, the Hindu god of knowledge and happiness. Ganesha was depicted as a rotund man with the head of an elephant, this huge body balances and rides on a rat, conveying the message that even the impossible can be done with this meditation. The rat represents the quality of penetration as a rat can get into almost any place, so Ganesha can know anything and get past any blockages. The impact of this meditation is to clear blocks from your own karma. This kriya allows you to let go of attachments to the mind and the impact of the past action, so you can create and live of fulfilled life and future.

LeShone Jai HoSang Navies

LeShone Jai Hari Kaur is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor who promotes courage, grace, and balance on and off the mat. LeShone Jai has been certified since 2007 and has practiced yoga for over 20 years. She has taught yoga to babies, youth, and adults in birth centers, yoga houses, and schools. LeShone Jai leads a physically invigorating and mentally stimulating JaiYoga class experience!

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