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Full Moon Meditation March

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$0.00 Full Moon Meditation - March

Free and open to all. Live streaming on Zoom. We start by tuning in together, and then do a 31-minute group meditation, to leave us all feeling connected and uplifted.

Meditating under the power of the full moon amplifies the power of our meditation, allowing us to connect more deeply with the voice of our soul and tap into our inner peace. Join us for this monthly donation-based Kundalini meditation, to uplift your spirits and guide you through the coming cycle.

For this hopeful  Holi March full-moon, we will be practicing Kirtan Kriya for 31 minutes.

Holi has been celebrated in the Indian subcontinent for centuries, with poems documenting celebrations  dating  back to the 4th century CE. It marks the beginning of spring after a long winter, symbolic of the triumph of good over evil.  

Clinical research  has shown that practicing Kirtan Kriya for just 12 minutes a day can improve cognition and activate parts of the brain that are central to memory. This kriya brings mantra, mudra, dhrishti, asana, and pranayam together. The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation believes that the various parts of Kirtan Kriya are each vital to the whole, and recommends practicing it in the traditional way. 

 We will produce the five primal sounds (panj shabd): S, T, N, M, A, in the original word form:

 SAA: Infinity, cosmos, beginning

 TAA: Life, existence

 NAA: Death, change, transformation

 MAA: Rebirth

 As we chant  Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa,  we alternate through four mudras:

 On  Saa,  touch the first (Jupiter) finger; Gyan Mudra (knowledge)

 On  Taa,  touch the second (Saturn) finger; Shuni Mudra (wisdom, intelligence, patience)

 On  Naa , touch the third (Sun) finger; Surya Mudra (vitality, energy of life)

 On  Maa,  touch the fourth (Mercury) finger; Buddhi Mudra (ability to communicate)

 We will chant in three ways addressing the world, the beloved, and infinity.  

 Human: normal or loud voice (the world)

 Lovers: strong whisper (longing to belong)

 Divine: mentally; silent (Infinity)

As you chant, imagine the energy of each sound moving down through the Crown Chakra, and then out through the Third Eye Point, to infinity.

From an Eastern perspective, it is believed that the placement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth while making these sounds stimulates 84 acupuncture points on the upper palate. This causes a beneficial bio-chemical transformation in the brain. In addition, Western research has revealed that utilizing the fingertip position in conjunction with the sounds enhances blood flow to particular areas in the motor-sensory part of the brain.  The  Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation  believes that the various parts of Kirtan Kriya are each vital to the whole, and recommends practicing it in the traditional way."

 See meditation details here, and register for the meditation on our.

Open to all, no meditation experience is required. Donations are accepted.

Manju Sadarangani

Manju's yoga practice is grounded in a desire for equity, justice, emotional and mental well-being. She brings her spirit of play, body positivity and radical self-love to her Kundalini & Nidra classes. 

Born in India to a yoga teacher mother, Manju is committed to authenticity in the studio. A Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, she connects deeply with the feminist, spiritual and historical foundations of yoga to counter problematic cultural appropriation. She relishes creating a safe space for all using breathe, color, naad, and mantras in her classes.

Manju invites you to consider yoga as a tool to recharge, resist and rebel.

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