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Holding Our Anger

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Thursday 03/30/2023 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
$72.00 Holding Our Anger

Anger is often viewed as undesirable, something that needs to be stifled or ignored. Depending on our intersection of identities, our anger can be perceived as unattractive, threatening and dangerous. Very rarely are we taught or encouraged to look deeply at our anger, to hold it and understand it, to be in relationship with it. During this series, we will do just that, connect with the energy of our anger (fire) to explore what’s underneath, how it impacts us and how we can take care of it. This series is not about overcoming but rather understanding and befriending our anger. Practices will include: Journaling, meditation, gentle movement, readings and breathwork.

Hiba Haroon

Hiba is a daughter, sister, friend and spiritual activist who believs in the interconnectedness of all beings and non-beings and our potential to create, grow, nurture, release and heal. She is drawn to yoga's power to strengthen, soften, and heal bodies and spirits and dismantle systems of oppression. She is the founder of (un)jaan through which she creates spaces and guides practices for us to practice being in liberatory relationships with ourselves and each other. In addition to a 200-hour yoga teacher training, Hiba has completed additional certifications in accessible yoga and trauma-informed yoga and is currently studying to become a yoga therapist.

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