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Honoring the Ancestors

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$54.00 Honoring Our Ancestors

Honoring the Ancestors

Whether you call it Shradh, Samhain, Da de los Muertos, All Hallow Eve, All Saints Day, or All Soul Day, cultures across the planet believe this moment halfway between fall and winter is a time when the veil between worlds grows thin, allowing us to connect with the souls of the departed. We will come together to create a safe community to make peace with the past, honor our grief, and connect with our ancestors, both known and unknown.

In Hindu culture, Shradh is celebrated during a 15-day period called Pitru Paksha. During this period, the devout honor their ancestors by cooking their favorite meals, engaging in acts of community, and offering puja. Shradh is not just an opportunity to connect with our direct biological heritage. It is also an opportunity to honor mentors and teachers, our intellectual and spiritual ancestors.

For many of us, the emotions surrounding our ancestors can be complicated. Modern nuclear family structures, immigration, and dislocation may mean that we are unaware of our larger familial histories, our collective strengths, and struggles. As we come together to sit with our emotions of loss, we will honor our ancestors, both known and unknown. This meditative gathering will include a mirror meditation, mantra chanting to honor the souls of the departed, and meditation to connect with our infinity. We will conclude with a soothing puja allowing us to appreciate the gift of the present moment.

Participants are invited to bring a small mirror, a journal, and any objects which remind them of a departed beloved.

Manju Sadarangani

Manju's yoga practice is grounded in a desire for equity, justice, emotional and mental well-being. She brings her spirit of play, body positivity and radical self-love to her Kundalini & Nidra classes. 

Born in India to a yoga teacher mother, Manju is committed to authenticity in the studio. A Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, she connects deeply with the feminist, spiritual and historical foundations of yoga to counter problematic cultural appropriation. She relishes creating a safe space for all using breathe, color, naad, and mantras in her classes.

Manju invites you to consider yoga as a tool to recharge, resist and rebel.

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