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Mudra and Meditation: An Introduction

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$45.00 Mudra and Meditation: An Introduction

This three session introductory practice of hasta mudras (hand gestures) will direct breath and awareness to particular areas of the body. Each time we gather together, we will use mudras to connect with a different aspect of our bodies. Our first session, we will focus on our physical bodies, followed by a session each to connect with our emotional and spiritual bodies. We will use mudras to enhance awareness and deepen our ability to recognize and respond to the body's messages. While the use of mudras has been strongly identified with eastern spirituality for over 2000 years, mudras are found in various religious traditions around the world including Christianity where Christ is often depicted using hand gestures. Some mudras are almost universal and one of the most easily recognized is the prayer pose in which hands are placed together in front of our hearts as a symbol of reverence and devotion. Mudras (hand gestures) are a vast world connecting ritual, dance, and symbolism. In mudra practice the placement of the gesture itself guides the breath and has the ability to change the speed, focus, quality and location of our breath. . A mudra meditation practice can be an accessible path when rigorous physical movement is difficult. This class is an excellent introduction for those curious about a mudra and meditation practice.

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