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The Agony of "DE-Feet": Yoga for Cranky Feet

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$45.00 The Agony of "DE-Feet": Yoga for Cranky Feet

Online, with Leslie Howard, founder of Pelvic Floor Yoga™

Leonardo da Vinci stated that “the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” Yet each day we take this masterpiece and stuff it into a shoe and forget about them until there is a problem. Feet get tight, toes start to gravitate into claws and then we wonder why our hips are tight. Releasing the feet can make your legs and hips more fluid and learning to stand on your feet more efficiently helps to support the pelvic floor and spine. Join Leslie in this fun and informative workshop. You will leave with ways to strengthen and release the feet and have a new appreciation for these two masterpieces.

Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard is an Oakland-based yoga teacher, specializing in all things pelvic. She leads workshops and trainings worldwide and has written a book about caring for the female pelvis,   Pelvic Liberation . She is a regular presenter for the Yoga Journal conferences and a regular contributor to Yoga Journal magazine.  Her own struggles with healing her hips and pelvis led her to intense study of the anatomy, physiology, cultural messaging, history and energetics of this rich place. Her teaching is informed by over 3500 hours of yoga study with senior Iyengar yoga teachers.  She considers Ramanand Patel her most important influence and mentor. She has designed two very successful studies for UCSF on how to use yoga to alleviate incontinence and pelvic pain.    To learn more about Leslie or for some online education opportunities visit:

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