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The Menopause Salon: Wise Woman Way - An Art Therapy Workshop Exploring Menopause

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$75.00 The Menopause Salon: Wise Woman Way - An Art Therapy Workshop Exploring Menopause

Women deserve to have a space to speak openly about the changes in their bodies, relationships, and how they see themselves. In this workshop, we’ll pull back the curtain to explore what the journey through menopause looks and feels like to you. Where are you on the journey? What has the path been like? What’s helping you get across? Living in the metaphor of a bridge or path, we’ll use art materials to explore what your journey through menopause has been like in order to build empathy and validation for your experience. In this workshop, you will set a new course for healing in a safe, supportive, and validating space. You will have the opportunity to both share your story and hold space for others. Using art, you will begin the process of putting the pieces back together with support and empathy from the courageous members of the group.

*Please note: Ali will provide all of the art supplies needed. Workshop price reflects this.

Ali Piacente, MA, LGPC, LGPAT

I have spent the majority of my career as an art therapist working with people of all ages using art therapy and Theraplay® informed practices. I have a particular interest in working with people who identify as perfectionists, those navigating life transitions, and supporting the relationship between parents and children. My practice incorporates elements of mindfulness including making art with a sense of curiosity about whatever comes out on the page and building on strengths and resources you already have. Even though our life experiences are probably very different from one another, I hope you feel that I am not above you as an “expert” but instead that at some time I’ve probably experienced some of the same emotions and together we can find ways to move through them. Art can hold any amount of pain, suffering, joy, and love. The beauty of art therapy is that you don’t have to solely rely on your words. Art therapy is a way to memorialize, validate, and connect to your inner world so you can move forward with more peace and clarity. As you take steps in bringing more freedom in your life, I am honored to be a part of your journey as your guide, witness, and companion.

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