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Yoga For Misfits!

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$108.00 Yoga For Misfits!

Have you ever thought: I can't do yoga because I am not flexible, I'm too old, too big, too small, have various injuries and conditions or maybe your partner has been bugging you to come to class and you really don't want to hear about veganism and the thought of standing on your head is well, out of the question? This series is for you.

Anne will approach this series with compassion, patience, energy and passion. Students will be supported with modifications, props, energetic cues and observation of how the poses and transitions feel. 'Come as you are' everyone and everybody welcome! This class is designed for everyone and all bodies.

Come as you are and lets explore the place between "too much and not enough." (quote from Julia Romano).

Week 1: The standing poses

Week 2: Twists and binds

Week 3: Back bends

Week 4: Forward folds

Week 5: Core focus

Week 6: Alternatives to headstand/hand stand

(All weeks will include strength building movements balanced with restful postures).

Online and In-person, COVID-19 vaccinations required

Jayanti Anne Harrison

I have been teaching yoga for approximately 15 years with 700+ hours of Yoga Alliance registered training and my personal practice spans 30 plus years. My teaching experience includes studio classes, private clients, kids’ yoga, lead teacher trainer for aspiring yoga instructors and as an adjunct professor of meditation and yoga at George Washington University. Move with Jayanti (that would be me) welcomes students from all walks of life to come as they are with injuries and doubts. I am passionately committed to creating a safe practice for everyone where the student can work according to his/her physical and mental capacity in any given moment. My classes combine some slow flow with a lot of holding and aligning in poses to build strength, balance and one pointed mind focus. I encourage students to use props as they make many poses available to those who might need extra support in any given pose at any given time. FYI, I am known as the Prop Queen. If you attend my class, don’t be surprised if I cue into a cozy, restorative pose on blankets.

Although I’ve tried various practices: Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Dharma, Prana Flow, Anusara, Kripaulu, Iyengar, general flow and Hatha, I embrace what I call classic yoga. I relate Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga (found in the Yoga Sutras) to the poses by weaving themes of non-harming, truth, non-stealing, moderation and non gripping into the practice on the mat. Students are encouraged to take those concepts off the mat and into their lives in order to create unity of body, mind and spirt while learning to live more harmoniously with others. Yoga is so much more than a downward facing dog; it is a science that we can use to calm the fluctuations of the mind. (Yoga Sutra 1.2)

I have accumulated the following certifications: 200 hr., 2005; Kripaulu 300 hour and Iyengar Therapeutic, 2015 and YACEP in 2016.

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