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Yoga Fundamentals - Jan 2023

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$108.00 Yoga Fundamentals - Jan 2023

Join us for this 6-week course taught both ONLINE and IN-PERSON to learn the basics of yoga with Meredith McCullough. Yoga is a proven way to lower stress, boost the immune system and build community (yes, even online!). It’s never too late to start a practice – and there’s no better way than joining our 6-week Yoga Fundamentals Series. The class meets weekly and will cover the basics of a safe and effective yoga practice. Meredith will introduce you to breathing techniques that lower stress, simple standing and seated postures that build flexibility, and the building blocks for a simple Hatha Yoga practice that you can incorporate into your daily life. 

What Will I Learn?

  • Fundamental poses to increase strength and flexibility.
  • Safe and effective transitions from one posture to the next.
  • Practices to create deeper awareness on and off the mat.

Each week will build upon the one before, so students are encouraged to attend all 6 weeks to maximize your experience in the series. No flexibility or experience required! 

What people say about Yoga Fundamentals:

“I always liked the *idea* of yoga way more than the actual classes, and it was amazing to be in a class where we could ask all the questions we wanted. I instantly fell in love with the studio and the vibe- so unpretentious and REAL.” — LM, 10/2015

“Meredith is EXCELLENT…just thinking about how she was able to individualize and make modifications based on each of our fitness levels…TRULY AWESOME. I am grateful.” — KW, 7/18

Meredith McCollough

Meredith began her own yoga practice over 20 years ago – first to get a little exercise and later to try to find sanity and balance despite a stressful job as a consultant. She stuck with yoga thanks to a welcoming and vibrant yoga community. Early in her practice she was drawn to an alignment-based school of teaching, connecting to a clear and thoughtful way of articulating poses, an invitation to participate fully and creatively in everyday life, and the fact that laughter on the mat was not only tolerated, but encouraged.

Meredith has continued to grow and share her love of the practice ever since. When her first son was born in 2013, she started to take infant, then toddler classes, and her family has continued the journey together. Meredith carries a sense of playfulness into her classes for both children and grownups, and is excited to share with students of all ages the joys and challenges that yoga reveals both on and off the mat.

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